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Hercules is a low table.

The table design is based on natural curves set of drawings and has a small number of elements - a table top, a crossbar and two feet. The use of traditional wood construction methods gives to it an exceptional robustness and stability. The lightness and raw appearence is given by its finishing and the excellent properties of the unusual type of solid pine plywood used.

The table gets its nomenclature by analogy to the Greek mythological figure famous for its strength and adventurous spirit - Hercules.

This piece seeks to celebrate the importance of design in the domestic space and encourage the user to find enjoyment in the smallest objects of their everyday lives.

Hercules table is a simple piece of high-quality design manufactured by designers, artisans and local businesses.

MATERIAL — Solid Pine Plywood 
FINISHING — Synthetic Resin
DIMENSIONS  L 1150  W 385 H 375 mm  [T = 21mm]

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